Blue Ridge Baptist Association
Tuesday, October 23, 2018
A family of churches sharing the good news of the Gospel

Churches in the Blue Ridge Baptist Association

 Physical Addresses - For Mailing addresses, please email
Ashworth Road Baptist Church         Pastor:  Rev. Gary Webb
                                                              75 Lamplighter Lane, Marion, NC     828-756-4330

Bethel Baptist Church                        Pastor: Rev. Jimmy Upton
                                                              205 Bethel Church Road, Marion, NC   828-738-3531
                                                              Secretary: Ms. Laura Grindstaff

Bethlehem Baptist Church                 Pastor: Rev. Charles Hughes
                                                              2835 Old Fort/Sugar Hill Road, Old Fort, NC 28762  
                                                                Secretary: Mrs. Samantha Wyatt

Calvary Baptist Church                      Pastor: Dr. Terry Cheek


                                                              Highway 221 North, Marion, NC 828-724-9343


Service Times: Sunday School 10:00 am, Sunday Worship 11:00 am, Wednesday 6:00

Catawba Heights Baptist Church      Pastor: Rev. James Walker

                                                              211 Miller Avenue, Marion, NC 28752

Chapel Hill Baptist Church                 Pastor: Dr. Jonathon Watson
                                                               125 Chapel Hill Church Loop, Marion, NC 28752  828-652-8485

Cherry Springs Baptist Church          Pastor: Rev. Marty Conner
                                                               6 Bull Walker Road, Old Fort, NC 28762  828-668-4888

Clinchfield Baptist Church                Pastor: Rev. Terry Roach
                                                             1150 East Court Street, Marion, NC 28752 828-652-3906
                                                             Secretary: Mrs. Monica Sigmon
                                                             Youth Pastor: Mr. Brandon Sigmon
                                                              Music:  Mrs. Marsha Sturgill  

 Cross Memorial Baptist Church         Pastor:  Rev. Ryan Bennett
                                                                15 Cross Memorial Baptist Church Loop, Marion, NC 28752
                                                               Administrative Assistant: David Byrd
Service Times: Sunday School 9:45, Worship 11:00

Dysartsville Baptist Church               Pastor: Rev. John Cope
                                                              24 Club House Road, Nebo, NC 28761

East Marion Baptist Church               Pastor: Rev. Andrew Walker
                                                              Baldwin Avenue, Marion, NC 28752

Faith Missionary Baptist Church       Pastor:  Rev. Ken Burleson

Friendship Baptist Church                Pastor: Rev. Gale Wilson
                                                             100 Pine Cove Road, Old Fort, NC 28762   

Garden Creek Baptist Church          Pastor:  Rev. Don White
                                                            321 Garden Creek Road, Marion, NC 28752 828-652-5894
                                                             Secretary: Mrs. Carol Gold
Service Times: Sunday School 9:30, Worship 10:45, Evening Worship 6:00, Wednesday prayer service 6:00, youth meeting Wednesday 6:00 pm

Glenwood Baptist Church                Pastor:  Dr. Dennis Love
                                                            155 Glenwood Baptist Church Road, Marion, NC 28752 828-738-4998
                                                             Secretary: Mrs. Carrie Roper
                                                             Music: Mrs. Jennifer Hemphill

Grace Community Church               Pastor: Dr. Jerry Lewis
                                                            5182 US Hwy 70 West, Marion, NC 28752  828-724-9599
                                                            Secretary: Mrs. Robin Taylor
                                                            Youth: Rev. Adrian Early
                                                            Children: Alan- Mr. Michael Sprinkle
                                                            Music: Mr. David Snider

Greenlee Baptist Church              Pastor: Rev. Jonathan Tipper
                                                         5967 US Highway 70 West, Old Fort, NC 28762   828-724-4589
                                                         Music:   Ms. Jeana Justice

Hankins Baptist Church                Pastor: Rev. Danny White
                                                         2371 Hankins Road, Marion, NC 28752

Harmony Grove Baptist Church    Pastor: Rev. Freddie Williams
                                                          4602 Harmony Grove Road, Marion, NC 28752  828-652-7687

Macedonia Baptist Church             Pastor:  Rev. Brian Gentry
                                                          1372 Macedonia Church Loop, Marion, NC 28752 828-652-5788

Marion First Baptist Church            Pastor: Dr. Scott Hagaman
                                                            99 North Main Street, Marion, NC 28752  828-652-6040
                                                            Associate Pastor for Faith Formation: Rev. Matthew Roberts
                                                            Church Communications Assistant: Mrs. Jean Pyatt
                                                            Office Manager: Mrs. Susan Webber
                                                            Director of Music Ministry: Mrs. Ruth Wakefield
                                                            Pastor's email:
Service Times: Sunday School 9:45, Worship 11:00 a.m., 6:00 Youth Bible Study
Wednesday 6:15 Adults Hymn singing and Bible Study. 6:15 Mission Friends/RA's/GA's/Youth Mission Encounters

Mission's Flame Baptist Fellowship    Pastor:  Pastor Brandon Robertson
                                                                Meeting Place:  Please call for current meeting place 668-3189

Nebo First Baptist Church                  Pastor: Rev. Doug Worley
                                                              10 Harmony Grove Road, Nebo, N 28761  828-652-4148
                                                              Secretary: Mrs. Gail Harris
 Service Times: Sunday school 9:45 am, Worship 11:00 am, Sunday evening service 6:00 pm
 Wednesday evening service 7:00, pm. AWANAS 6:00 meal, then program

New Hope Baptist Church                 Pastor:  Rev. Bill Pate
                                                              Old Fort, NC 28762 

New Horizon Baptist Fellowship     Pastor:   Rev. Steve Bugenhagen
                                                           5878 US 221 North, Marion, NC 28752 

North Cove Baptist Church              Pastor: Rev. Richard Merritt
                                                            2264 Old Linville Highway, North Cove, NC  828-803-1763
                                                            Mailing address: 1701 Honeycutt Road, Marion, NC 28752
Service Times Sunday School 10:00 a.m., Worship Service 11:00 a.m., Sunday Evening 6:00 p.m.,
Wednesday Evening Service 7:00 p.m. (6:00 Daylight Savings Time)
Facebook:  North Cove Baptist Church

Old Fort First Baptist Church            Pastor:  Rev. Drew Dalton
                                                              203 East Main Street, Old Fort, NC 28762 828-668-7853
                                                             Secretary: Mrs. Susan Willie                                                                                                    
                                                              Music: Rev. Stephen Willie
 Service Times: Sunday School 9:45 a.m., Worship Service 11:00, Choir Practice 5:00, Adult Bible Study, Youth, 6:00 p.m.
 Wednesday Children in Action, Mission Friends, Youth, Adult Bible Study 6:00 pm 

Piney Grove Baptist Church           Pastor:  Rev. Larry Brown
                                                           2737 Old Highway 70 West, Old Fort, NC 28762

Pleasant Gardens Baptist Church   Pastor: Rev. Josh Hayes
                                                             214 Pleasant Gardens Church Road, Marion, NC 28752 828-724-4383
                                                             Music: Mrs. Emily Latimore
                                                             Secretary: Mrs. Brenda Williams
                                                              Director of Children and Youth: Mr. Ethan Hester
 Service Times: Sunday School 10:00 am, Worship 11:00, Sunday evening 6:00
Wednesday meal 6:00 (no meal during summer months), Prayer Meeting 6:45

Sugar Hill Baptist Church               Pastor: Rev. Michael Robinson
                                                           657 Mud Cut Road, Marion, NC 28752 828-738-8587

Vein Mountain Baptist Church        Pastor: Rev. Barry Gouge
                                                            10229 Highway 221 South, Marion, NC 28752  828-738-3494

West Marion Baptist Church           Pastor: Rev. Marcus Gold, Jr. 
                                                           365 Stroud Street, Marion, NC 28752 828

Zion Hill Baptist Church                  Pastor: Dr. Tom Walker
                                                           1036 Zion Hill Road, Marion, NC 28752  828-738-3533